Pharmacy Technician

pharmacist in the pharmacyThe Pharmacy Technician program will prepare you to be a great assistant to a licensed pharmacist. You will be assisting with filling prescriptions according to a doctor’s order for patients. As a pharmacy technician you will be considered the pharmacist’s right hand person. As a pharmacy technician you will measure out correct amounts of medication from larger containers to prescription size containers. You will also add drugs to intravenous (IV) solutions. All the prescription filling work is rechecked by a pharmacist before medications are dispensed to patients or customers. The pharmacy technician is an integral part of a functional pharmacy. Students will be eligible for the State and/or National certification exam for Pharmacy Technician.

Requirements: The person registering for this course must have a High School Diploma/GED; must exhibit understanding of basic math concepts along with reading and comprehension skills on the admissions test.

Tuition: $3,149* (Tuition includes: Instruction, Drug Screening, Background and TB Screening)
*Does not include registration
*other materials might be needed for this course

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