Courses Offered

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Certified Nursing Assistant

Nursing assistants work under the direction of other health care professionals, usually in nursing homes or hospitals.

Patient Care Technician

The Patient Care Technician program prepares individuals for a variety of job opportunities in the healthcare field. This program is generated to meet the need of individuals and potential employers; this is accomplished by meeting the need for cross training of employees.

Phlebotomy Technician

The Phlebotomy Technician program prepares the individual by providing specialty cross-training in blood drawing techniques as well as basic bedside nursing skills. Students are introduced to the structure, function, and pathology of blood.

Electrocardiogram (EKG) Technician

The EKG Technician program prepares individuals to perform confidently and efficiently in a job where they are responsible for performing diagnostic tests to access the heart rhythm and rate in patients. The EKG Technician performs diagnostic tests related to the heart’s electrical impulses.

Pharmacy Technician

The Pharmacy Technician program will prepare you to be a great assistant to a licensed pharmacist. You will be assisting with filling prescriptions according to a doctor’s order for patients

AHA CPR Courses (Open Registration for Online Classes)

CPR/ First Aid, BCLS for Healthcare Provider, etc.

Medical Assistant (MA)

The Certified Medical Assistant program is a cluster of planned, sequenced instruction to cross-train students for positions as advanced patient caregivers under the supervision of the physician and advanced practice nurses mainly in outpatient or ambulatory care facilities, such as medical offices and clinics.

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